How to Use Ginger and Lemon for Weight Loss

Want to lose weight? Consumption of ginger and lemon helps to lose weight!

Ginger has known throughout the world for all its health benefits. It has an anti-inflammatory property that helps the digestive system. Because of its usefulness on digestion is much to use ginger as a tool to lose weight.

Lemon is another ingredient that is also good for health, with various properties it contains. The vitamin C in lemon is convincing as an antioxidant. Lemon also effective at promoting the removal of impurities from the body, against fluid retention, detoxify the body and contributes to the reduce fat in the body.

Looking at both properties, of course, you are not surprised if ginger and lemon are perfect for weight loss. Imagine if you combine both in one food, it helps to lose weight!

Well, if you think of combining these two ingredients in one food, we have two easy recipes to try.

1. Lemon ginger tea

This easy and delicious way to enjoy ginger and lemon.

  • Take hot water, then put a few pieces of ginger into the water.
  • Let it settle for 5-10 minutes.
  • During that time, make juice from lemon water.
  • Once everything is ready, mix lemon juice into the ginger stew.
  • Finish and enjoy its refreshing taste!

2. Salad Sauce

Make your favorite salads healthier and more special with a mixture of ginger and lemon.

  • Peel a handful of ginger and slice it and mix with lemon juice.
  • Add this sauce to your favorite salad and enjoy.

Note: To lose weight it is not enough to eat ginger and lemon. To lose weight as expected, you also need to exercise and implement a healthy lifestyle.

A Simple Weight Loss Plan

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