11 Workouts For A Flat Belly Without Hitting The Gym

As our careers get more demanding and our lives get busier going to a gym can be just a fantasy, right? However, that isn’t an excuse for not working out at all! It’s a lot easier than you think to work out when you’re trying to decompress in front of the TV.

We thought you may not believe us. So, we got fitness experts and trainers who reveal their best moves, tips, and, tricks, that require little effort but promise big results.

Repeat out loud: No more excuses! With a little creativity and these tips, you can get in perfect shape without ever stepping foot inside the gym!

1. Get a Timer

Karly Treacy, a Yoga Instructor, recommends having a timer in hand to set parameters when you’re on a schedule. She says no matter how much time you have, you should try to work for 1 minute on and take 15-30 seconds of active rest.

In that way, you can give yourself a full workout without leaving your house. She explains with getting the heart rate up for the 1 minute of work and minimal rest in between exercises, people will burn calories and boost their metabolism.

2. Hit the Wall

Dave Colina, certified CrossFit trainer, founder of formula O2, and Krav Maga has an easy way activate your core and to fire up your glutes. He recommends doing 10 rounds of a 30-second wall sit followed by a 30-second plank.

During the wall sit, you need to keep your legs at a 90-degree angle. In plank, the back needs to remain straight, so tighten your butt and squeeze your abs. The workout to be successful and to avoid injury, make sure to maintain good form.

3. Get Creative

Trainerize.com’s Chris Doherty says you can make your surroundings your gym, especially if you have a bed, chair, and suitcase in your home. He explains people can commit to a workout, they just need some open space and a strong attitude.

With doing some pushups, burpees, body-weight squats, shoulder taps, mountain climbers, and side planks, and you’re working harder than most people do at a gym. So, you’ll save $200 a month and still get your ideal body, only you need a determination!

4. Find a Flight of Stairs

Ashley Giovinazzo, a coach at the Pink Iron in West Hollywood and a personal trainer at Equinox Beverly Hills reveals an easy workout that only requires a flight of stairs and a gallon jug filled with water. This is a 30-minute interval workout is perfect if you’re always on the go.

In 30 seconds you need to run up and down the stairs once. Then, in the remaining time, do many lunges or air squats with the gallon jug, holding it in front of your body. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat this for 10 rounds.

5. Squeeze Those Thighs

Alanna Zabel, star of the Element: Beginner Level Yoga DVD says there’s a simple way to take advantage if you’re sitting much of the time throughout the day. She reveals she uses thigh bands while she’s working on her computer. She advises seizing every moment because every minute of any exercise counts!

6. Rewire Your Couch Potato Status

If you like watching a TV show, take advantage of commercials to workout. Opperman suggests focusing on one exercise each commercial break, doing as many as you can. You can do push-ups, reverse lunges, squats, crunches, or jumping jacks.

“Watching a show on say Netflix with no commercial break? Don’t get excited, you’re not off the hook. He recommends picking a word or phrase before the show begins and every time you hear it do some of the mentioned workouts five times. Sounds fun and challenging, right?

7. Work Your Booty

Trying to Lose Weight in The New Year? No more excuses! With a little creativity, you can get a flat belly without ever setting foot in the gym. We thought you may not believe us. So, we got fitness experts and trainers who reveal their best moves, tips, and, tricks, that require little effort but promise big results. #flatbelly #weightloss #workout #exercise #abs

Make a routine the first thing in the morning and the last thing before bed you do it’s booty time! Javier Perez, a trainer at modelFIT instructs doing 100 booty squats after you wake up in the morning and 100 before bed.

Do this and your backside will be turning heads like never before!

8. Get “Car” Jacked

If you’re stuck in the car, fitness coach Nadia Murdock tells how to turn that wasted time into a quality workout. You just need to keep a pair of one to three-pound weights for a quick set of chest presses or bicep work. So, she instructs first to push your seat all the way back.

While holding a weight in the hands, begin to curl the weights upward towards your shoulders and try to keep the elbows close to your ribcage. Repeat this exercise for eight reps, three times.

9. Make Vacuuming Worthwhile

Walking lunges are a great way to work on your hips, thighs, and abs, and thighs, and you can do them while you vacuum. Vacuuming probably isn’t your favorite activity, but you can make it worthwhile. Dr. Robert G. Silverman and HardStyle Kettlebell Certified instructor suggests while holding the vacuum to take a big step forward with one leg while lifting the other heel.

You need to bend the knees and drop the hips down. Just don’t let the back knee to touch the ground. Come back up and bring the back foot forward in another big step. Repeat this exercise until the carpet is clean!

10. Hold Your Calls

Stand up to answer and don’t sit back down for the whole call. Katy Fraggos of the boutique fitness studio, Perspirology, make this even more challenging. She suggests balancing on one leg throughout the duration of the call. Balance on the opposite leg when the phone rings next time.

11. Do a Mental Workout

Last, but not least! According to Angel Alicea, a personal trainer and fitness instructor at Carillon Miami Beach the simplest way you can do is meditate. If you want to keep your body in an ideal shape, you need to keep your mind in balance with that goal. Yes, it takes practice but you can do it anywhere you want.

Angel Alicea says the mental workout tends to be the hardest one to do. She also recommends listening to soft music, having a good thought, or just sit quietly in a room. Can meditation make you slimmer? It’s possible!

A Simple Weight Loss Plan

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